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Guild Guitars has a rich history and a diverse range of instruments that cater to both electric and acoustic guitar enthusiasts. Established by Alfred Dronge in New York in the 1950s, Guild quickly gained recognition for its high-quality instruments. One of their iconic electric guitar models is the Guild Starfire, a classic hollowbody design that has been favored by many famous guitarists over the years.

For acoustic players, Guild offers a variety of options, including the Guild D and Guild M series. The Guild D series features dreadnought acoustic guitars, known for their powerful sound projection and versatility. On the other hand, the Guild M series showcases smaller-bodied guitars, such as the Guild M-20, which delivers a warm and balanced tone. Both series incorporate solid wood tops and rosewood fingerboards for excellent playability and resonance.

In recent years, Guild Guitars revived their Westerly Collection, a nod to their former Westerly, Rhode Island factory, known for producing exceptional instruments. The Westerly Collection includes classic models like the Guild OM and the Guild Starfire IV, capturing the essence of their vintage guitars with modern playability and construction techniques.

Guild also honors the legacy of renowned artists like Bob Marley with instruments like the Guild A-20 Marley. This acoustic-electric guitar carries the spirit of the legendary reggae guitarist.

When it comes to electric guitars, Guild offers a variety of solidbody options, such as the Guild Jetstar and the Guild Aristocrat. These guitars often come in eye-catching finishes like Sunburst and Snowcrest White, appealing to both vintage and modern guitar enthusiasts.

The Guild Surfliner Deluxe stands out as a high-end electric guitar with a unique design and a cutaway for easy access to higher frets. Its headstock and fretboard are carefully crafted for optimum playability, and the guitar is well-suited for various music styles.

Guild Guitars also caters to left-handed players, offering left-handed versions of some of their popular models. This inclusivity reflects their commitment to providing instruments for all types of guitarists.

Guild Guitars takes pride in its craftsmanship and continues to build custom shop guitars for those seeking unique and personalized instruments. With their extensive range of electric and acoustic guitars, Guild remains a reputable brand cherished by guitarists around the world.