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Frequently Asked Questions

Eddie's Guitars - Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that Eddie's Guitars goes by appointment, can you clarify what that means?
The short answer to that question is, yes -- Eddie's Guitars does operate largely on an appointment basis. This is not because we wish to exclude anybody from our store. We have a very small, but extremely knowledgeable staff and the physical size of Eddie's Guitars simply cannot accommodate displaying our full inventory that you can find on our website. An appointment will ensure that the product you wish to see is available for sale and on-site in our showroom for you to try. We cannot ensure that the product you wish to see will be on-site without an appointment.

We understand that some people simply wish to browse our showroom or may want to walk-in for accessories. We would like to extend an invite to say that you are always welcome to do so during our posted business hours. We encourage everybody to stop in, meet our staff and see what we are about.

How do I make an appointment and how far in advance do I need to make one?
With our warehouse being logistically near our store's location, we can have guitars moved for you to demo usually within an hour's notice - but we do encourage that you reach out 24 hours in advance. We encourage you to bring in any of your own equipment if you feel it will aid you in the process. We understand that each individual has very personalized and specific needs and we have people in house that understand that and are here to help.

Emailing our staff about your future appointment and letting them know what you are interested in and what you wish for your future purchase to do will greatly benefit you. The more information they have of your wants, the better they will be able to assist you. Even something as simple as, “I like this artist's sound, how can I achieve that?” can go a long way.

Making an appointment also guarantees you time with one of our experts in house. We have access to an amazing array of equipment and feel very confident that with their assistance, any and all sonic needs can be met within our store.

All of our instruments, whether in-house or in storage are kept in a humidity controlled environment.

For acoustic guitars, contact Matthew Chulka :
For all things relating to electric guitars, contact Granville Helm :
For general inquiries regarding our shop, contact :

Email communication is ideal, but you can also call us at (314) 781-7500 during business hours or leave a voice-mail after hours.

Do you display ANY of the guitars that I see on your site?
Of course! We keep a little something from each of our brands on display. But for example; we sometimes have upwards of 100 Paul Reed Smith guitars in stock and it would be impossible to have them all out on display. If you are coming in with the intention of seeing a specific guitar, give us a call before hand so we can make sure it's here for you.  

Is the instrument that I see on your site the one I am actually getting?
Yes, that is the product that you are actually receiving. We understand that there are many visual factors that may play a role in your purhcase decision so we always display the actual piece of inventory you are buying.

How does mail-ordering a guitar work with Eddie's?
We ship high-end guitars, amps and pedals all over the world, every single day so you can rest assured that your purchase is facilitated by somebody with a tremendous amount of experience. Collectively, there is over 100 years experience between our staff members. Our small staff is extremely hands on throughout the entire ordering process. The same person that answers your questions over the phone and takes your order is typically the same person that will be inspecting your instrument prior to shipping. Our salesmen are not on a commission basis, the goal is not simply to sell you something, but to sell you something that meets your needs.

Eddie's Guitars - Operations

Payment Methods:
We happily accept *all major credit cards, PayPal, bank wire, money orders, cashier's checks or personal checks for payment. PLEASE NOTE: Payments made in check or money order form could be subject to delays in processing time to clear our bank. This process may take up to 10 business days which will cause a delay in your product shipment. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our payment methods. Sales within the State of Missouri will be subject to sales tax.
*American Express may not be qualified for all purchases due to processing fees. See a salesman with any questions.
  • Orders placed before 2:30pm Central Standard Time will ship the same business day.
  • We ship via UPS Ground with full insurance and signature required upon receipt. If this is not your preferred shipping method, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your shipping preference.
  • We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, bank wire, cashier's check, money order, etc. All orders over $150 will ship free of charge within the Continental United States. UPS Ground is our primary shipping method. All shipments are fully insured, and by company policy require a receipt of merchandise signature. There are no exceptions to this policy.
Shipments within the State of Missouri are subject to local sales tax. Shipments outside of the State of Missouri are tax free, However, we encourage you to educate yourself on your local tax codes and laws.
If you wish to use a different shipper or would like explorer expedited shipping options, please contact us.
International Shipping:
We use USPS Express for all shipments outside of the North American Continent. If you prefer to use a different carrier, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. For quotes and questions in regards to this process, please contact us..
Some manufacturers will not allow their products to be shipped for free or outside of the United States. Amplifiers weighing over 50 pounds may be subject to additional shipping charges. Some guitars may be made of wood  not allowed to be exported from the United States.

International Shipping:
We use USPS Express for all shipments outside of the North American continent. If you wish to use a different carrier, let us know and we will try and accommodate you. For quotes and questions in regards to this process, please contact us. Some payment methods may not be applicable for international payment.

Some manufacturers will not allow us to ship their products for free or outside of the United States. Amplifiers weighing over 50 lbs may be subject to extra shipping charges. Some guitars are constructed from wood species not permitted for export from the United States.

48-Hour Approval Period

Most stringed instruments will have a *48-hour Approval Period that begins after you receive your shipment. This way you will be able to experience the instrument in the comforts of your own home to ensure that it is a good fit.  

We will only allow an instrument to be returned to our store with a return authorization number, this is not an open-ended policy and will be handled on a per-case basis. We will refuse any unauthorized returns or unknown shipments to our store.

There will be a 5% restocking fee for orders paid by Bank Wire or Check - OR - a 10% restocking fee for orders paid by PayPal or Credit Card
. This fee is not a profit to the store but covers any fees that we may incur to process your order. In the event that an item is returned, the customer is also responsible for all shipping charges. If the item is purchased in-house, a 48-Hour Approval period is not applicable. All items that are returned must be shipped to us the same way it was shipped out to you. You must use the same packing materials, exact same shipping service, and purchase approximate insurance. We will not be held responsible for items that are damaged in return shipping.

Amplifiers, effects pedals, Sealed/Limited Edition, pre-owned, and “open box” items are not applicable for an approval period for a refund. In the event that you are unhappy with a purchase of this variety, an exchange may be applicable. The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges. Please see a salesman with any questions regarding this prior to completing your purchase.

In the extremely rare event that you receive an item that has been damaged in shipping, please do not refuse the package, but contact us immediately after your delivery and we will begin the claim process. You will not be responsible for the item's damage, but there is a protocol for these instances, and following our direction will expedite this process.

* Purchases made through and have their own criteria for returns. Please ask if you have any questions regarding that process.