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Simplicity & Style: Collings SoCo Deluxe Electric Guitar Review

Collings Soco DeluxeIf you like a little extra flair but are not interested in any overly complex bells and whistles, then the Collings SoCo Deluxe can offer you both the simplicity and style you crave. The SoCo Deluxe is a standard Collings electric guitar that is also versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

Collings Strays from Gibson for Original SoCo Look

While many Collings guitars are inspired or imitate Gibson designs, the SoCo Deluxe has an authentic Collings design. Even the name “SoCo” stands for South Congress Avenue, a street in the founder’s home city of Austin. This single cutaway has different lines than any Gibson guitar to give the instrument it’s jazzy look.

Getting Variety from Boutique Guitar Makers

At Eddie’s Guitars, we seek variety when choosing a guitar from one of our boutique luthiers such as Collings. By granting these specifications, each guitar has a unique quality and quantity of features you can’t get any of our other guitars. In the Collings SoCo Deluxe, you get an deceptively jazzy shape. While jazz and fusion musicians will feel right at home with this guitar, there’s not need to pigeon hole it. Blues and rock musicians can also jam on the Collings SoCo Deluxe. This model shares many of the basic features as the guitars we’ve recently reviewed with a few modifications. The Collings SoCo Deluxe uses the standard Collings scale but is still a little smaller than the guitar I reviewed last week, the Collings CL Jazz. In addition, this guitar’s semi-hollow body is larger than the Collings I35 Deluxe and is also a single cutaway rather than a double.

My Verdict

While country and heavy metal musicians may not get much out of this guitar, the Collings SoCo Deluxe is perfect for blues, rock, and jazz. Paired with the right amp, this guitar is responsive even with some distortion. In addition, the price of the SoCo Deluxe is middle of the road for a Collings guitar.

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