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Nifty Spiffy Awesome Pedals

Nifty Spiffy Awesome Pedals

So we are known for amazing guitars, basses, and stellar amplification – did you know we also carefully select and curate pedal brands that can live up to the quality of the instrument and amplification brands we choose to carry?

There are a LOT of great pedal companies – and we are sure to showcase MANY more… But today we want to shower some glee on FIVE of them – 5 we think are tops…

(In no particular order…)

Walrus Audio:

You have to love a company that can simultaneously cover practical needs and add otherworldly options at once. Quite frankly, that is Walrus Audio in a nutshell. What you need and what you don’t in a perfect blend so you start to wonder what you needed because what you didn’t need became a need after you heard it – whoa –Who’s on first?

Whether you are looking for a great overdrive, fuzz, isolated power supply, or delay they've got you covered (and at a nice price point to boot).

Check out Walrus Audio Pedals at Eddie's Right Here...


If absolutely obsessive, dare we say spacecraft grade build quality and incredible sounds are your bag, Spaceman is it! Very few pedals in the world have a chance for an immediate 10x appreciation on Reverb after launch day, but more than a handful of their effects have reached that status. The Atlas III would get our award for the best single knob pedal ever (if we gave awards, that is, we don’t, but we just kinda did – didn’t we…)

Check out Spaceman Pedals at Eddie's Right Here...


Suhr is a rarity as one of the few companies that makes world-class guitars, amplifiers, pickups, pedals, and studio gear. After gushing over their guitars for years, we were not surprised to see them assert dominance in the distortion pedal world with the Riot and Riot Reloaded - two devices that take the idea of your favorite modded 80s Brit amp and stuff it into a pedal that you could run over any clean amp.

In recent times, John Suhr's son Kevin has been creating forward-thinking effects and studio gear. (Their Alexa chorus pedal gets our vote for one of the most under-rated modulation devices on the market!) Don't even get us started on the Reactive Load IR... Awesome stuff...

Check out Suhr Pedals at Eddie's Right Here...


What can we say about Meris that hasn't already been said? Arguably one of the most exciting pedal brands in the world currently. These folks are pushing the boundaries of what is to be expected from "new" effects in 2020. From the Blade Runner-esque Mercury 7 Reverb, the Polymoon delay, or the mind-melting Enzo synth pedal, Meris has taken guitar (and more) sounds to the next level. We've also found their 500 Series modules to be quite tasty... If Tycho has every pedal they make (and a rack full of their 440 mic preamps), then their stuff must be good enough for mortals and immortals.

Check out Meris Pedals at Eddie's Right Here...


You have to admire a company that forces an industry to take notice - and that is exactly what the 'Left Brain Innovators' at Strymon have accomplished. Their resume is quite impressive... The Big Sky, El Capistan, Flint, Timeline, the electrical system of the Boeing 737 aircraft – what? If you ever wondered how their 500ma per outlet Zuma power-supply was so feather-light – there you have it. They evidently had access to alien technology to make that possible! Go read their employee bios and be amazed…

Strymon has held some dominance in the pedal world for quite some time now for good reason.

(Funny enough, there’s a connection of founders/employees between Strymon and Meris - and if you ask Brett, he finds their pedals to coexist and complement one another quite nicely…)

Check out Strymon Pedals at Eddie's Right Here...


So there you have it – five golden pedal (and more) companies. Five of our faves. Check their wares out and get some of these awesome blocks of sound into your kit today!