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Eddie’s Guitars Welcomes AER Acoustic Amplifiers

Eddie’s Guitars Welcomes AER Acoustic Amplifiers

Germans make amazing things. Everyone knows this. It is undisputed. If you dispute it we will argue with a litany of brand examples.

And here is another great thing made by our German friends:
AER. The Acoustic People.

Eddie's is now a proud dealer of their world-renowned acoustic amplification products.

Let us name-drop a second... Because it matters here...

Jack Pearson
Allman Brothers, Greg Allman, Nashville A-Lister...

Eric Johnson
Yes, THAT Eric Johnson.

Jerry Douglas
The greatest Dobro player alive? Many would say so. Alison Krauss says so.

Have we forgotten anyone...?
Many... But oh yeah...

Tommy Emanuel
Freak of acoustic nature from down under who consistently defies what can be done on an acoustic guitar - and with a passion and deftness that puts him in the top of the one-percenters...

AER makes 'his' amp. It has his name on it. That's how good HE is - that's how good AER is.

What makes an AER Acoustic Amplifier great?

  • Expertly selected components - there IS a difference in a part. It not just its value to the circuit. It is its durability and its ability to deliver consistent results...
  • Specially made loudspeakers - weight to power, materials to tone, this is a total science in and of itself...
  • Extremely efficient power amplifiers - again, weight to power, minimal waste of energy...
  • Well-proportioned power supplies - protection, power delivery, efficient sizing...
  • Cleverly designed dynamic control technology - no clunky UX here. Controls that are intuitive, easy to use, and make sense...

And most importantly:

  • Detailed knowledge of the instruments and the situations in which they are used...

This is a BIGGY!
Acoustic instruments are much more fickle to amplify than electrics. Fact. And each instrument (and even 'flavor' of the vertical of the instrument - Dreadnought vs OM vs Parlor vs Etc.) requires a system that can 'tune' to its nuances, its strengths, and in some cases minimize its weaknesses. An amplifier that can make a great instrument sound great - and a good instrument sound better. That starts with EARS, and is coupled with experience and science.

Obviously here at Eddie's we deal a LOT in GREAT acoustic guitars - so it is only natural that we have worked to gain the AER line and certainly, its venerable Compact 60/4 model used globally by some of the best players on Earth.

Check out our stock here, and get Jack, Eric, Jerry and Tommy in your audio palette today!

And here's a little eye candy!
(Click on each image to open a new window/tab with a large view!)


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