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Collings 290 DC Electric Guitar Review

Collings 290 DCAny artist who thrives on improvisation knows the thrill of a blank canvas and an unlimited variety of materials. The Collings 290 DC electric guitar provides just that for blues and rock musicians. This Collings electric guitar will get you a vintage look, feel, and sound with the help of:


Gibson’s Les Paul Special Inspires Collings 290 DC Design

Like many Collings guitars, the Collings 290 DC is inspired by a vintage Gibson guitar model, the Les Paul Special from the 1950s and 60s. Like the Gibson Les Paul Special, this guitar has two pick ups: one at the bridge, which typically produces a bright tone, and one in the middle of the guitar body, which usually produces a bassier tone. As a result, the two pickups give the Collings 290 DC great tonal versatility that is perfect for musicians who explore far ends of the scale.

P90 Pickups Add Raw Power to Guitar’s Tone

In addition to the pickups’ prime placement, Collings Guitars has chosen a Lollar P90 for the Collings 290 DC. As an alternative to humbucking pickups, P90s are less mid-rangy and give enough rawness and bite for good blues tone. Some musicians may prefer the humbucking’s cleaner tone, and therefore may be better off with a jazzier alternative like the Collings East Side LC Deluxe. On the other hand, if you can appreciate a bluesy sound with an unpolished, coarser timbre then you’ll be right at home with a Collings 290 DC.

Great Looking, Great Sounding

Of course, no one misses this guitar’s unique finish. The black dog hair design with white grain fill gives the Collings 290 DC a definite texture and the finish contrasts well with the Tone Prose pearloid pick guard and matching trust rod cover. If you’re about to do a photo shoot to promote your band, the Collings 290 DC will be memorable in any setting. This model’s double cutaway gives the guitar a rock ‘n roll vibe even though most musicians would consider it a blues or blues-rock guitar. The double cutaway makes the Collings 290 DC appear deceptively small, but the body is thick enough for it to give a large, substantial sound. That volume supports Collings’ choice of mahogany, which traditionally provides a bright sound with good sustain and good range. In addition, the all-mahogany body gives a more raw tone than other guitars with maple tops.

My Verdict

While country or jazz musicians may be better off with a cleaner, more predictable guitar, blues and rock musicians with a tendency towards nostalgia will love this model. In addition, the Collings 290 DC is one of the brand’s more affordable models and you won’t miss out on Collings’s flawless craftsmanship.

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