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A Clean Classic: Collings CL Jazz Electric Guitar Review

Collings CL JazzJazz guitarists will be blown away by this Collings electric guitar. What plays as a good, straight-forward jazz guitar is made all the more desirable by its sharp appearance. While some aspects serve merely aesthetic purposes, several of the Collings CL Jazz visual features contribute to the guitar’s excellent tone, structure, and playability, including the:

  • Superior tone woods such as spruce, mahogany, and ebony
  • All-hollow mahogany body carved from a single piece of wood
  • Floating mini humbucking pick up

Classy Presentation Makes a Statement

This single cutaway is one of the best looking guitars in Collings’s arsenal. A red, black, and white color scheme is accomplished through its:

  • Seductive merlot-stained spruce arch top that pops from a mahogany body
  • Ebony accessories including the fingerboard, tail piece, bridge, pick guard, trust rod cover, and buttons on the tuners
  • Ivroid binding for the body, f-holes, fingerboard, headstock, and pick guard

The hard, dense ebony and clean cut lines created by the ivroid binding add to the Collings CL Jazz’s bold elegance. This electric guitar’s striking simplicity and richness is maintained by eliminating any unnecessary distractions. Controls on the Collings CL Jazz are tucked away and the inlays on the fingerboard and headstock are kept to a basic parallelogram design.

Impeccable Composition Shows & Tells

The Collings CL Jazz has an all-hollow body carved from a single piece of substantial mahogany. Not only does this construction give the guitar a more open sound that jazz musicians prefer, but it is more structurally sound than a guitar manipulated from a flat piece of wood.

In addition, the Collings CL Jazz has a small floating mini humbucking pick up. Floating pickups subtly improve the guitar’s tone and volume because they interfere less with the body’s vibration.

My Verdict

This jazz guitar is particularly good for Fusion enthusiasts. While the thin body is light weigh and comfortable, it does require a good amp with distortion capabilities. If you want to play without an amp, don’t like distortion, or the CL Jazz is outside your price range, consider the Collings East Side LC Deluxe instead.

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