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  • Collings MF5 Deluxe Varnish Mandolin Review

    IMG_2961As any old school virtuoso will tell you, a mandolin is essential to any true bluegrass band. While some bluegrass or country musicians may be satisfied with any mandolin, Collings Guitars has never been a brand for just any musician. The Collings brand serves the performer or collector who craves a rare, high quality product with impeccable design, craftsmanship, and playability.

    Collings Guitars has been crafting incredible mandolins for years, building their reputation among bluegrass musicians as the best mandolin maker today. In particular, the Collings MF5 Deluxe Varnish Mandolin stands out as a beautiful instrument both visually and musically due to its:

    • Superior woods and radiant finish
    • Classic design with a Collings twist
    • Complex timbre perfect for Bluegrass music

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