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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Collings D2HA Brazilian Acoustic Guitar Review

    collings d2 brazMuch like the acquired taste of bluegrass music, the Collings D2HA Brazilian Guitar is an instrument that only a select few are able to fully appreciate. This bluegrass machine is a versatile dreadnought that can be used for rhythm or lead lines, but its understated design and rare building materials set it apart from other acoustic guitars in both tone and quality.

    Keeping Bluegrass Musicians Loud & Proud

    Collings guitars are all about good first impressions. In the case of a Collings D2HA Brazilian, that impression is a whole lot of volume. The guitar’s headroom will allow your rich sounding tones to carry without needing electronic support. In addition, its overtones add an edge of complexity to mixed-musician bands that you can’t achieve with a more basic guitar. Continue Reading

  • Collings OM1 Varnish Acoustic Guitar Review

    018-144While some musicians believe that boutique guitars must be flashy, intricate creatures, Collings Guitars demonstrates yet again that you can still have a beautiful, flawless—yet understated—instrument with this OM1 Varnish model.

    Collings OM1 is a Popular Standard Among Collectors

    Every luxury part of a Collings OM1 model is essential to the sound and functionality of the instrument; nothing exists for purely ornamental purposes. This ensures that you’re paying for great tone and playability rather than gaudiness.

    The OM1 model is especially versatile. While the 1 ¾” nut makes it the perfect guitar for finger stylists, these guitars are also a good choice for pick players. Musicians from almost every genre will appreciate the guitar’s warm tone and fair amount of bass. The only exception to the genre-friendly instrument is bluegrass since this model doesn’t have the loud, thumping bottom end bluegrass players prefer. However, you can get a lot of volume from these guitars while still maintaining a well balanced sound. Continue Reading

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